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Your Horsepower by Annemieken Van Reepingen is a richly illustrated and well-substantiated account about and for people who strive to attain personal growth and happiness. Sometimes we lose our way because of what happens to us in our life or because of the increasingly busy and demanding world around us. Is burnout just around the corner? Here you will find answers and strategies to firmly maintain your own unique course towards freedom, success and happiness.
The horse, coined the most noble of animals with good reason, has a perfect sense for what goes on inside us and holds up a mirror to our innermost feelings. Horses guide us along our path towards healing, recovery and help us to regain our self-belief, enabling us to once more appreciate all the possibilities every new day can offer. The moving stories in this book are a witness to this fascinating journey. Each of Berenika Bratny’s breathtaking pictures is a tribute to the horse and beautifully illustrates the remarkable experiences described in this book.
Your Horsepower is an honest and positive book and a great read, even for those readers who feel they are not in need of help at all.

“Annemieken’s graceful writing conveys deep feelings and insights as she shares the powerful experiences that many people have had with her and her horses. Readers will be moved and inspired, and possibly even transformed by this book, even if they can’t make a trip out to the barn themselves.”
– Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus, Riding between the Worlds, and The Power of the Herd

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Annemieken Van Reepingen


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